We have over 10 years of experience in translating the meaning not just words.

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Our Services

English Only Translation Agency provides three kinds of services according to the needs of the client and the target audience. We also offer several additional services.

  • Standard translation

    The sentences are understood by a reader proficient in the language and use the most common vocabulary of the target country. Nevertheless, a native reader may pick out places that sound unnatural and the text may need an editor to perform terminology check, style corrections and consistency adjustments for the text to be unambiguous, logical and fluent. Texts meant for print or long term use should definitely be checked by an editor.

  • Standard editing

    The sentences have correct orthography, contain specialist terminology, are unambiguous and easy to understand. Suitable for informative texts such as contracts, marketing materials, training materials.

  • Deep editing

    We recommend deep editing for all texts which are targeted at native English speakers and provide the reader with grounds for difficult decisions or complicated choices (which can also be based on emotions).

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We have a wide range of experience and we are strongly represented in the fields of medicine and technology.

  • Technology

    Various user manuals for electronics, software, cars.

  • Business

    Training materials, newsletters, manuals, accounting documents, bank contracts, business plans.

  • Medicine

    User manuals of medical devices, medicinal product leaflets, scientific studies, pamphlets, medical histories.

  • Public sector

    Development plans, legislation, tourism related texts, informative texts, official letters, court rulings.

Our test translations have to pass strict criteria and we reject about 90% of translator candidates.

About us

Our agency was founded by Taavi Tillmann, who grew up in the UK. Upon returning to Estonia he began work as the top editor in some of the largest translation agencies in Estonia.

While editing these “professional” Estonian-English-Estonian translations, he was struck by the amount of incomprehensible text and general low quality. As a response, Taavi wanted to go back to the drawing board, and design a new translation agency with staff who are passionate about providing superior translations with competitive prices.

English Only Translation Agency (Estonian: Ainult Inglise Tõlkebüroo OÜ) was founded in 2005. At first we selected 20 of the best of the best translators based purely on translation ability. To our surprise, most of the best translators had not actually studied a language degree at university, but were talented young professionals who had studied or worked in an English-speaking country.

We consider translations to be something much more than simply routine work to be done. Each and every one of us approaches a new job with the curious mindset of “How can I make this translation the best that it ever could be?”.


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